Monday, August 1, 2016


Genius Organizing has helped quite a few NYC residents move this season! We've purged before packing, packed, donated furniture, and unpacked and organized on the other side. And we saw, again and again, the importance of purging and organizing one's belongings before moving. THESE ACTIONS ARE KEY!

Why Purge?

In a perfect world we would all be paring down our stuff with regularity, and each time we bring a new item home we would throw out a similar item. BUT THE WORLD IS NOT PERFECT and so we tend to accumulate and add and never reverse that. WELL- if ever there is a moment in time to get rid of some of your things, it is MOVING TIME! When preparing to move, you are actually looking at everything you have and putting it into a box. How about you get rid of some unused and unwanted stuff and consequently reduce the amount of money and time you would spend packing and moving pointless things to your new place? Have 25 boxes instead of 30! Have 60 instead of 80! Don't bring along old "stale" items into your fresh new place!

Why Organize BEFORE Moving?

One courtesy that some movers extend is packing you up for your move. Well, the best case scenario for that to be successful is if all your belongings are categorized, grouped together, and currently in their designated place. The USUAL scenario is that the mover takes a box, essentially sweeps their arm across a surface, and packs whatever their arm came into contact with. You then open this box at your new home, for example it is labeled BEDROOM, and you find:

phone charger
empty water bottle
a hammer
one lonely sock
a swiffer handle
five foreign coins
three receipts
a bracelet
a bag of dog treats

If you enlist a professional organizer to prep you for your move, the scenario is that this will NEVER happen! You will not only be purged of unwanted items, but your things will be organized by category and room, and either carefully packed or ready to be packed by your movers. This will eliminate MADNESS on the other side while you are trying to get settled into your new place.

Sounds like the right things to do- right?