Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Guest" Practices

This holiday season is about to come to an end and we at Genius are thinking about our clients tackling clutter and disorganization in the New Year.

Often one can become overwhelmed and feel guilt over a disorganized situation. Don’t let it consume you. Don’t let it impose on your enjoyment of this time with loved ones.

Use the fact that you have guests coming or currently in your home as motivation to keep moving forward with your organizational goals.

While your guests are there, the dishes get done more often, laundry gets put away, shoes and clothes get put in the closet, right? Why not carry those practices into your everyday life? YOU deserve this meticulous care, as well as your guests.

If every day you take the time to implement a few of these “guest practices” you will find yourself not only less cluttered but with more free time. You will also find there will be less need to scramble right before you have guests come visit.

Here are just a few small things that can cause a big impact:

1. Hang your clothes up / put them in laundry as soon as you take them off, EVERY DAY.

One shirt on the dresser is no big deal, but 3 shirts and a pair of pants becomes a pile and a pile is stressful and overwhelming.

2. Do your dishes, EVERY DAY

Even though this is more cleaning than clutter, it is one of the world’s most daunting but common tasks that sets the tone for other areas in the home. Go around the house, pick up all the cups and glasses and wash everything, every day.

3. Put away laundry, THE MINUTE IT IS DONE (or comes back from the cleaners)

If it sits in the bag or basket, you can still get to it, right? Then what happens is you keep using it out of the bag or basket and now you have no place to put your dirty laundry. If you put it away, it is a small “win” for you that you accomplished something in your day. Self-encouragement is a helpful way to stay organized AND feel good about you.

4. Process mail, EVERY DAY.

That mail isn’t going to open itself, and you certainly won’t know how much you owe without opening it. When mail piles up, it is not only unsightly but it is financially dangerous. If you haven’t gone totally digital and you still get statements and bills open them EVERY DAY and immediately put the discarded envelope in your recycling bin. It is ok if you then put the bill in your “In Box” or "Bill Box," but by reading it first, you make a mental note of what you owe and you are storing less paper by discarding the outside used envelope. IF you cannot do this EVERY DAY, make sure you have selected - and noted in your planner - a time each week that you are going to take care of incoming mail. Take it from us, this is essential.

5. Straighten up, EVERY DAY.

Take ten minutes every evening as you are wrapping up your day, to walk around your house and put things back in their places, empty waste baskets, close drawers and doors, etc. This is painless daily maintenance that makes every day in your life neater with only ten minutes of effort! It's an unbeatable plan for keeping your act together.

We hope this helps in your quest to become a better, more organized you! Let us know your feedback on these "guest practices." We love to hear from you!

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Small steps to make your Holiday go off without a hitch

We have already talked about gifts and the “Big Meal” so what is left?
GUESTS. Ugh. Save yourself the trouble of last minute scurrying with a couple of planning ideas.

Today’s Tip: Prepare for the INCOMING by taking small steps

Starting next week:

Monday - Wash all towels & bedding and set aside specifics for guests.

This is a time consuming task that has to be done so best to get it out of the way.

Tuesday - Clear out a drawer/closet for guests to be able to put some of their stuff

Don’t go bonkers. Guests know that they are invading your space; it’s a nice touch to offer a couple of hangars or half a shirt drawer.

Wednesday - Plan at least ONE sit down home cooked meal. Don’t just think it, WRITE IT.

If you write things down you are less likely to forget anything and have to make that last minute run to the grocery store. Plus, this will also help keep you on budget when you have to look at all the things you have to buy.

Thursday - Make reservations/get tickets for one event out of the house

It’s cold outside, its family inside and its tense all the way around. Get up and out to give yourself a break on cooking and give everyone something new to talk about while showing off your town.

Friday – Shop for all dry goods from your home cooked meal

Start to put together your special section of your pantry for your big holiday menu.

You are on your way. In one more week you will be done with everything and ready to sit back and let the family roll in.

Happy Holidays

Nicole & Julia