Monday, June 18, 2012

Picture Perfect

It happens to the best of us. Before the digital age, we all snapped hundreds of film photos, eager to preserve forever those birthdays/ proms/college parties/old boyfriends etc. We’d take the pics, develop them, admire them, and then more often that not, shove them into a shoebox, where they would stay.

Even now, in the digital age, our photos can pile up. Friends print them and send them to us, or we print them, and then maybe give them a moment of glory on the fridge door. Then of course we take them down, and into the shoebox/desk drawer/old Tupperware container they go. Some of us have photos EVERYWHERE. Mixed in with memorabilia, jammed into a huge cardboard box – they’re all over the place.

We love our photos, and we feel like all of our photos are precious. (Even the ones of you from college, doing a beer bong while dressed as a sexy cat.) But all these pictures can be incredibly overwhelming. Even if we do ever get them into albums (not likely), over time, albums aren’t really the way to preserve them for years down the line. The only real answer to photo organization today is, of course, scanning. But who has time for scanning? That’s probably the most tedious job on the planet, no? Well lucky you, YOU now have time for scanning. Because we’ll do it for you!

Genius Organizing knows how difficult photo organization can be, and we’re really excited to offer this service.  How it works: we’ll come get your pics from you, take them away, and then scan them into whatever photo format you desire. We can save the files to an external hard drive, an internal hard drive, a CD, Dropbox, tumblr, or a digital photo frame. However you want them! And also, we can even sort and organize your photos first!

So if you’re tired of kicking those photos from your bar mitzvah back under the bed, by all means, drop us a line. We’ll gladly take care of them for you!