Monday, November 23, 2009

Here come the holidays!

Holiday advice can be overwhelming. Throughout the next month we will give you easy and concise things to keep in mind that will help you maintain your holiday composure.

Today’s Tips: How to KEEP the JOY in giving gifts

Spread out your holiday shopping over the whole year. When you travel or see something that is right for your friend or Mom, why wait? Get it then.
By the time the holiday comes…you have several things ready to give not to mention, you won’t be strapped for cash having spent an extra lump sum in one month on presents.

Be sure to create a dedicated space (box, shelf or drawer) for “gifts” so they don’t create clutter, and/or get lost, damaged, or used by someone other than the intended recipient. Establish a place for these future gifts and always put them in their place as you bring them home.

The KIT.
Scissors, wrapping paper, labels, tissue paper, bows and ribbon should all be kept in one place. The size of the storage depends on how often you wrap gifts. If you are a once a year wrapper then a simple shopping bag will do. Or, you can purchase a “gift wrap center.” Here are three examples available at The Container Store:

This last one is the big winner because you should always choose VERTICAL storage if you can. This saves the most space.

Start wrapping presents the second you get them home. Wrapping presents can be the most time consuming thing you do this season. Don’t procrastinate. A little bit every day will save you LOADS of time.

SAVE MONEY & Be Unique.
Use unconventional wrapping paper.

-Subway/Road/Country maps
-Newspaper (then paint on it!)
-Old T-shirts (cut in strips and weave them together, or just wrap the shirt around)
-Good ol’ aluminum foil
-Extra fabric you have saved

Order every gift online and choose “gift wrap”. Most online retailers offer a gift wrapping service for an extra fee. If you have the cash and not the time…you could be done with all of your shopping and wrapping in just an hour or two.

Happy PRE-holidays,

Nicole & Julia

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