Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Elephant in the Room

New York City is tight. We live in tiny spaces so we have to get creative about where we put stuff. The first apartment I ever saw when I moved here was shaped like a "C" and the bathroom door when opened scraped the edge of the toilet. Oh yeah, and there was no sink. I was terrified that I was forever destined to brush my teeth in the shower or over the kitchen sink. Luckily I found a different apartment.

Even if you don't live in NYC, sometimes easy camouflage options and tight spaces are overlooked. Much like that big purse you put in your lap when you sit down, a couch can hide something large and unsightly too.

Today's tip: Big Furniture hides Big Things

Yesterday we put two large folded clothes drying racks behind a client's headboard. You cannot see them at all, but you can reach in from either side of the bed and pull one out. We also often hide items behind the back of the couch, under the bed, and under the couch. People are always hunting for more storage in their homes but only think of it as closets and cabinets. Extra space, even tight space, behind and under the furniture, should not be overlooked.

See the armoire.
See the hidden boxes behind the armoire.
Although the trays aren't hidden completely they are out of the way and are easily accessible.

Ok so what have we learned?

1. Shop around when it comes to apartments.
2. Hide your flat stuff.
3. Do sit ups.

Come see us in the flesh!!

Wed Nov 4th 7pm @ Solas Bar
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Sat Nov 14th 10am @ The Park Slope Food Co-Op
Nicole is speaking with her personal trainer in regards to overall wellness.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to making your home/office a better place!

Nicole & Julia

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